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What is the sugar content in OK! Kombucha?

There are approximately 6-8g of sugar per serving. The sugar content is partially from the cane sugar used to ferment the tea and partially from the cold or fresh pressed juices we use. 

Does OK! Kombucha need to be refrigerated?

No! Using our new and specialized process using canning technology, we've been able to preserve our kombucha to last outside of the fridge. We still recommend refrigerating however to maximize freshness and make sure you always have some chilled and ready to enjoy!

Does OK! Kombucha contain alcohol?

The alcohol volume in our kombucha ranges between  .1% and .3%. Beverages with .5% alcohol or below are considered non-alcoholic.

What is the caffeine content in OK! Kombucha? 

Our Mango Lemonade flavour is caffeine free, so you can sip it all day long and into the evening. All of our other flavours contain approximately 25-35mg of caffeine per can.

Why does OK! Kombucha not taste like vinegar? 

We use an innovative brewing technique that blends three different ages of kombucha. This preserves all the natural health properties, but with a more balanced flavour profile.  

What is the shelf-life of OK! Kombucha?

Our kombucha has an approximate unrefrigerated shelf life of 4 to 6 months, depending on your time of purchase. 

Is it safe to drink OK! Kombucha when pregnant? 

Please consult your doctor or health-care professional before consuming our kombucha while pregnant. 

Are there any common allergens in OK! Kombucha?

Our kombucha is produced in a facility free of dairy and peanuts, although we are not certified for any of these categories. If you are concerned about any potential allergies, check out our ingredients list on the home page under each flavour description.