Our Story

Get to know us

Safa and Erik, founders of OK Kombucha

Hi we are Safa and Erik, the co-founders of OK! Kombucha.

As huge kombucha fans, we were brewing our own kombucha recipes at home for years before finally deciding to launch OK! Kombucha in 2018. Noticing a gap in the non-alcoholic beverage market, we saw potential in kombucha as a platform to showcase craft flavours combining quality ingredients creatively.

Drawing inspiration from food traditions and cuisines from around the world, our happy place is creating unique flavour experiences like the ones you see in OK! Kombucha’s current line-up.

Traditionally seen as a functional health beverage, OK!’s calling is elevating kombucha using evocative flavour combinations. For us, crafting kombucha for you to experience is our creative expression and we’re grateful for the opportunity to share that with you.

Signed, Safa and Erik

Our Creative Process


Recalling strong memories

When we set the intention to creating new flavours, our first step is recalling memories and inspiration from our cultures and food traditions. We ground our work in the experiences that shaped our lives, creating from a place of warmth and love.


Creating new flavour combinations

Next, we combine and layer flavours with the properties of each ingredient in mind. We don’t let economics interfere in the creative process, and use the ingredients that highlight the experience we want to evoke.


Refining and testing

Once we’re excited about our new flavour, we share it with others and get their feedback. We continue refining and tweaking ingredients until all the elements of flavour (balance, body, aroma and carbonation level) are perfectly and carefully calibrated.


Production and design

We run our recipe through a full production cycle to ensure the recipes scales perfectly. Final details like label design are chosen to pair with the experience of the flavour.


Arriving in your hands to enjoy

Whether through our online shop or wholesale partners we ensure the delivery process is as thoughtful as the crafting of our flavours. Your enjoyment is what makes our entire process worth it!