Our Kombucha

What makes us special

Never Vinegary

Our innovative brewing technique blends fermented kombucha and aromatic teas. This complex blend ensures our kombucha never tastes acidic, bitter or vinegary.

Ethically-sourced Teas

We use direct-trade teas to ferment and flavour our kombucha, cutting out middlemen to ensure the farmers who harvest and process our teas get fair wages. Think about this like a one-up on Fair Trade.

Organic Acids

Organic acids are what make Kombucha special! Through fermentation organic acids are created acting as the perfect base for layering our craft flavours.

Fresh Ingredients

We use the best quality teas, cold-pressed juices and fresh ingredients to flavour our kombucha. We will never compromise on this promise, even if it means lower profits for us.

Made in Canada

OK! Kombucha's original recipes were created in our kitchens in Toronto, Ontario. We’ve scaled considerably since then but kept production local to ensure the same level of quality and care as in the early days.

The story of our flavours

Mango Lemonade

It's not

artificial, tart or too acidic

It is

juicy and fresh

Ginger Jasmine

It's not

too spicy, overpowering or vinegary

It is

balanced, flavourful and complex

Pear Rosewater

It's not

too sweet, overpowering or perfumey

It is

gentle, balanced and calming

Peach Orange Blossom

It's not

too sweet or perfumed

It is

bright, effervescent and aromatic

Watermelon Mint

It's not

artificial, sour or too sweet

It is

bright, balanced and refreshing